Our Story

We heard from customers over and over that, despite significant investments in sophisticated systems such as document capture, enterprise content management and enterprise search, digital documents were not as easy to work with as paper and they still could not find the information they needed to effectively do their jobs. It was frustrating, expensive and was just not working.

We had been hearing that “the machines” will solve the problem. Better search algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning will figure out exactly what you are looking for…and do it for you!

But then we realized that reliance on the computer was a problem in itself. It was misguided to expect the computer to do what we are far more able to do using all of our senses to the fullest. Sure, the computer and its advanced capabilities are crucial and aid the process. But we needed a system that complemented the way that our mind works.

The human brain operates in an analog world, storing and recognizing information as generalized snapshots of images over time rather than as detailed text.

That is the genesis for CogniVision. We developed a system that supports the visual processing of information by presenting documents as highly recognizable images through a patented three pane viewer, allowing the user to determine the relevance of search results instinctively. Based on knowledge, experience and context, the user can quickly identify specific information turning search into finding.

Why Banks?

As it turns out, banks have this search problem… in spades. In certain lines of business there are account files with thousands of documents, and some with hundreds of pages. Of course, there are potentially thousands of accounts. Bankers know what they are looking for. If it is an interim financial statement, a particular tax return form, or information within an email – they could spot it in an instant if they could only visualize the digital images in a familiar and intuitive way. CogniVision delivers that experience, allowing bankers to find the information they need ten times faster than traditional search.

Is this problem limited to banks? No. Any organization that has these types of documents and suffers from poor productivity or bad customer experience as a result of hard-to-find information can benefit from CogniVision. Over time, we will talk about more use cases and more innovation in this space – always with a focus on practical solutions to our customer’s most challenging problems.